Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Matter of Perspective

James, in his CFO blog the other day, mentioned the CEO triangle, where one considers the customer, the shareholders, and the employees in their activities and actions. This got me thinking to the perspective I took with the finance role when beginning this phase of my life.
One of the items folks discuss in the therapy biz, where I spent a few years prior, is the concept of transference. Very simply, if we feel something about one of our parents that hasn’t been sufficiently resolved, we will tend to transfer that to other parent-like forces in our lives. So, if we were mad at our father for keeping us down, somehow our bosses, political leaders, etc. also happen to be keeping us down as well.
In thinking about how to prevent transference from occurring, we can think of our roles like an entrepreneur. Pretend we are outsourced. Who ultimately authorizes our revenue? Our boss. Who, therefore is our primary customer? Our boss.
Who are the employees and shareholders of our firm? We are.
Thinking in this manner can help clarify and prioritize the variety of tasks we undertake. Rather than thinking “my boss is keeping me down” and the resultant emotions that stem from that, we are thinking “how can I better satisfy my customers?” and “how can I perform my customer’s requirements more efficiently and effectively?”
How we react to the situations in which we find ourselves is always a matter of perspective.  
I would love to hear your thoughts about using perspective or your stories on this topic if you have them.
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