Sunday, August 14, 2011

Australian Opportunity

A posting on Rene Micheu’s blog entitled “Cash Management in Australia: Connecting East and West”, focuses on the opportunities for Australian banks due to their long-lived involvement across the Pacific region combined with their connections with Western banks and cultures.
This argument reminded me of a postulation of social network theory: that entrepreneurs are those that bridge the networks of two separate groups who otherwise would not connect if it weren’t for the common connection.
This article indicates this is a possible opportunity in Pacific banking. If a) Australian banks have connections into both Eastern and Western networks that others don’t have, and b) they can link these groups together before they find other routes, then this should prove rewarding as the Pacific era ascends.
The big questions are: Do they? And Can They?
I am not sure what the answers are to these questions, but it is certainly interesting to think about.
I would love to hear your thoughts about Australian Opportunities or your stories on this topic if you have them.
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