Saturday, August 6, 2011

Org Design Deep Dive – Part 1

How should a Treasury and Finance group be organized?
There is a lot of variation around this theme. The AFP’s annual compensation survey contains many job descriptions and organizational design charts, many of which do not in the least resemble the next. How then does one develop a rhyme or reason to the groups structure?
In an effort to answer this question, I have amassed, downloaded, saved, filed, annotated and otherwise collected a lot of material related to this subject.
Simply parroting this information back does not make much sense - a listing of links would do fine in that case without further commentary. What might be better would be a way to synthesize the information in order to discover the diamonds contained in the rough.
One thing I have learned dating back to my analyst days is that if I truly understand something, I can build a model of it. So a periodic task in this blog will be to develop an organizational model that contains the understandings of the research and insights that is out there.
Stay tuned….
I would love to hear your thoughts about organizational design / structure or your stories on this topic if you have them.
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